Private Appointment - Jagua

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Jagua juice temporarily stains the skin and is harvested from the fruit of the Genipa americana tree which grows in South America. The juice is traditionally used for fabric dyeing and temporary tattoos. Jagua juice is safe, 100% natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals. 

For henna art, the juice is commonly made into a gel and applied to the skin. The resulting colour is not reddish-brown like henna, but is closer to the colour of an actual traditional tattoo - bluish grey to black (depending on quality of aftercare and location of the design). Jagua designs tend to last slightly longer than henna designs. 

Jagua is a berry, so people with berry & kiwi allergies should avoid this type of stain.

Hourly rate for Jagua appointments is $90 / hr. Minimum 30 min appointment. Please contact us before booking to ensure availability.

Photography and designs: Erin Shadid