Erin Shadid is passionate about nature, art and the environment.  In 2016, shortly after the birth of her first child, she created Sakina Birth (which later became Sakina Botanicals in 2021). As a Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula (CAPPA, 2018), self-taught Henna Artist and student of herbalism, Erin values holistic health, natural remedies and art inspired by nature.

The vision of Sakina Botanicals is to provide healing remedies rooted in nature, while honouring the environment and fulfilling the personal obligation to give back.


10% of all monthly wholesale and retail sales are donated to registered Canadian charities.

100% of all henna bookings are now donated to Gaza + Palestine through registered charitable organizations.

In 2020, Sakina Botanicals switched from plastic packaging to reusable / recyclable glass + tin and compostable cardboard tubes to foster a more sound environmental ethic for customers and to significantly lessen the amount of plastic being thrown away (less than 10% of plastics are actually recycled worldwide). We also offer an in-house recycling program for our bottles and tins.

For our wildcrafted Boreal Salves, only those plants that are common, can be collected ethically using sustainable practices on Public Lands, and in a manner that does not damage the overall population are used.