Jagua Gel Cones

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Handcrafted Jagua gel cones are now available for purchase.

This is a completely natural product that creates a stain closer to the colour of an actual tattoo, ranging from greyish blue to black. Our cones are made locally using freeze-dried Jagua powder (there is no Henna in this product).

Like Henna, Jagua temporarily stains the skin and is harvested from the Genipa Americana tree which grows in South America. The juice is traditionally used for its dyeing properties and temporary tattoos. Jagua juice is safe, completely natural and does not contain harmful chemicals.

This is NOT industrial black chemical Henna and does NOT contain PPD.

One cone will yield approximately 2-4 full hand designs (depending on the size and density of the design).

Jagua cones are NOT shelf-stable and must be stored in the freezer between uses (good for up to 6 months). 

Note: Because Jagua is a berry, people with berry & kiwi allergies should avoid using this product. 

Ingredients: Genipa Americana (Jagua fruit), Water, Lavandula Officinalis (Lavender Essential Oil), Organic Cane Sugar, Xanthan Gum.

Size: 15g individual cone

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